White Man Cry a Lot: A Brief Glimpse into White Tears and Settler Fragility

The fuck are you crying for?

White reactionaries whine. A lot. For a group of people that pride themselves on their supposed ability to weather any storm, defeat any enemy, and defend resolutely the nonsensical and metaphysical concepts on which their settler colonial paper tiger of a so-called nation rests, these Amerian fascists (yes, Trots and LeftComs, there is a such thing as American fascism, your books and analyses don’t really matter) are, objectively, some of the most cowardly and knee-jerkingly fragile pieces of human refuse on the face of the Earth. Settlers behave this way all over the world, it’s not just restricted to the US. The Boers/Afrikaners (descendants of French, Dutch, and German settlers of South Africa and beneficiaries of the defunct Apartheid state) are known worldwide as some of the biggest and whiniest dicks to ever plague mankind, relegating themselves nowadays to little plots of boring ass apartheid heaven,  or to being a menace to fellow settler-colonists in New Zealand or Australia. They like complaining about how they’re being wiped off the face of the Earth as well, a common phony attention getter used by settlers throughout history. The Israeli settlers constantly kvetch in the news media or on the internet about how getting a few tiles knocked off their houses by a higher grade equivalent of a bottle rocket warrants unjust retaliation against Palestinians with jets, and two of their American representatives at my university claimed that I was a threat to their safety and well being for annoying them by mentioning the accursed Palestinian unpersons at one of their little propaganda events. Tough people, indeed!




White American settler-colonists are sensitive people. They’re also very fearful people. They live surrounded by those whose land they have stolen, who they have murdered in the millions, whose homes they have plowed under for parking lots and shopping malls and leafy suburbs, who they gentrify, whose families they destroy and incarcerate. They don’t know much history of those they hate, they see themselves as some sort of chosen people and the internally oppressed nations as life unworthy only of enslavement, incarceration, and repression. They view themselves as a sort of people with their backs against the wall, living each and every day in a sort of perpetual Custer’s Last Stand. They love and strive for success under capitalism, thoroughly throwing themselves on the alter of worship of and, oftentimes, participation in the exploitation of other people, support imperialist wars, and support even more every instance of domestic repression. I’ve been to anti-police brutality rallies where people have shown up just to shout about how they support the police. Darren Wilson, a pig (who, technically, shouldn’t have been working as a pig in the first place), armed with a taser, baton, and firearm, claimed to have felt threatened by an 18 year old, warranting his shooting.  The Million Student March action that the mass organization that I belong to ran into reactionaries coming back from a Cardinals game (the only reason white settlers that live in Chesterfield or Ballwin or Saint Charles come to the city, most of the time) who berated and tried to instruct us on the virtues of a job. This was especially hilarious because Progressive Youth Organization – Saint Louis has more workers than students, and most of the students work as well. No investigation, speak anyway, especially when it’s getting dark and you have to get back to Chesterfield before the dark people come out. The counter-action at the Donald Trump rally in Saint Louis in March was intermingled with all sorts of reactionaries wearing shirts that said “Make America Great Again” and one individual even had on a #Meninist shirt. They especially flew into a rage when they saw a comrade standing on their American rag, with a couple even trying to fight him. I wonder what they’ll do when it’s being dragged through the streets by the victorious people’s army and relegated to the dustbin of history or to a museum, where it belongs.


There’ll be more than just standing on it, eventually.

Those who have made a bed of nails generally don’t sleep well, and America is nothing but a bed made of rusty nails sitting on a foundation of broken glass. The glass has been shifting recently, and things have sharpened. The reactionary is usually afraid to show their true colors and whine in public, alone, so they start their own blogs like Stuff Black People Don’t Like and frequent sites like Stormfront. First, it’s fairly telling that an individual (Paul Kersey) that supposedly represents the “master race” titles his blog and orients to stuff that the supposed lower order of humanity “don’t like”. Why would you care what I don’t like? Scrolling through the content of this blog shows titles such as “When White People Were in Political Control of Selma, the ‘Selma Ceasefire Movement’ Wasn’t Necessary…” . Deigning to read this particular article shows the depths and depravity of pig Kersey’s revanchism, or retaliation against the decline of the Jim Crow era South, at least in de jure form. Kersey says:

In the real world, those white police who dared stand athwart history on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and try and beat back Martin Luther King and his freedom marchers are the true heroes: every moment after their stand provides proof that their defiance of modernity was justified.

The white police are the heroes! Support the police! The Negroes should have been ground into powder with merciless force! Now look where we are! When we…this rant and the others on the SBPDL blog can easily have come from the tobacco stained fingers of a Boer in Orania, or a white Rhodesian, or an Israeli in Tel Aviv. They’re going to do what they’re going to do, they want their country back, all reactionaries put up resistance and wage a fight, sure. But, the most atrocious behavior undoubtedly belongs to the so-called leftists who seek to disarm and disorient the masses in this struggle against this type of behavior by enforcing pacifism or in many cases parroting the lines laid down by these white reactionaries in the first place, pleading public order and maintenance of civil society. If Paul Kersey, Selma in 1940, and Orania are civil society, burn them all. Let 20 million Mexicans reclaim their land, let a million riots bloom, let the white tears flow. Y’all need some drama in your lives, we have plenty to share.



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