On the Fried Bacon in Dallas.

We been at war.

From what we know, a lone individual named Micah Xavier Johnson (the media shortens it to X, how very subtle of them) clambered into a sort of snipers’ nest and used a rifle to mow down 5 of Dallas’s dullest (pigs) and injure several others, including a couple civilians. This was in the context of a “peaceful” Black Lives Matter march that was organized by the predictable array of NGOs and church groups, and many participants in the march were shown later to be posing with pigs. Johnson’s actions were, from a Maoist viewpoint, adventuristic. Armed actions are to be carried out by disciplined units of a people’s army and not by scattered “lone wolves”. Violence is a tool to be wielded in the people’s interests and from the viewpoint of the masses of people, with their consent and participation. During the period of the revolutionary war, the protracted people’s war, violence is used with the intent of seizing control, first over liberated zones and base areas and then over the whole country. Demonstrations, as well, are not just for demonstration’s sake, they are also a tool, used by the mass organizations and the Communist Party to show strength, to threaten, and to show force, also to build a red mass culture. After the capture of power and the establishment of the proletarian state, violence is used to suppress the bourgeoisie and other alien elements that would seek to subvert the new power. But that’s neither here nor there in this particular situation, Johnson wasn’t a Maoist and obviously didn’t behave as such. What he represents is 400 years of rage, the spectre under the bed of every pig, the radical nigger, the Nat Turner sneaking into the bedroom after dark to chop off massa’s head. I don’t fault him, I just wish he had found Marxism-Leninism-Maoism instead of the racialism and NOI/NBPP type cultural nationalism that he expressed on his Facebook page and apparently made up his ideology.


Actions like that which he took are to be understood as “revenge actions”, people who’ve had enough and can’t take anymore. If you feel like that, please don’t pick up a gun and start shooting at pigs, it can’t help the masses at this stage. We don’t need more martyrs, the pigs help us enough on that front. We need revolutionaries, we need cadres, we need disciplined people that are really serious about revolution and acknowledge the protracted nature of the struggle. The objective is to smash the pig system, not chop heads off the hydra so that 20 more can grow back. If you live in the Saint Louis or Kansas City Metropolitan areas, join or form mass organizations like Progressive Youth Organization – STL and Progressive Youth Organization – KC. If you’re in Austin, DC, Portland, or Los Angeles, join the Serve the People groups there, and also develop your theory and practice. Research Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and study the practice of people’s wars and Maoist revolutions the world over, then get with others that think alike, or help develop others’ politics. Start or join a revolutionary collective like KCRC (Kansas City Revolutionary Collective) or the Red Guards collectives in Los Angeles and Austin, if you’re theoretically developed and willing to dedicate a shitload of your time to making revolution as cadre. Help build organizations and collectives that can struggle for unity into a Maoist Communist Party, and build dual power apparatus in your city. Make it so that people don’t have to call the pigs. Make it so that people realize that there’s a better way and this hell is only temporary. Study and train in self-defense. Serve the people and apply the mass line. The people’s army and the people’s party will take a long time to build, and won’t drop out of the sky, but without it, we have nothing.

Without a People’s Army, we have nothing.

I don’t mourn for pigs. The whole bourgeois apparatus, ranging from the flag outside the post office to the media to the chief pig sitting in the White House the bourgeois/petit bourgeois operating within the Black Lives Matter movement swung into action before the pigs’ bodies were cold, calling for healing and prayer and “coming together”. No real revolutionary cries for the deaths of their enemies. Neither do the masses. The pig from its very inception has been an enemy of the people. The pig caught my ancestors when they fled the plantations, bashed our heads in to keep us as sharecroppers, joined lynch mobs, broke up strikes, and encouraged the spread of drugs in our communities. As for the “few good cops”, some snakes don’t bite, but they’re still snakes and have an antagonistic contradiction with the mice. The people rejoice when they hear about their enemies’ deaths, and mourn the losses of their own. 4 black men were killed by these pigs last week, that is who I mourn. Revisionists that excised the Leninism out of themselves long ago with a rusty dagger are now bawling about “adventurists celebrating the events in Dallas” and digging out Lenin and Trotsky quotes about the folly of individual terrorism while running presidential campaigns (and their mouths), tailing left and right, the CPUSA is “condemning the deaths of the police officers in Dallas”, and much of the petit-bourgeois BLM “leadership” exemplified by DeRay McKesson (who was recently arrested in Baton Rouge, I feel for the guy but he’s a neoliberal petit bourgeois shill that will end up being a more stylish version of Al Sharpton) is currently falling over themselves distancing themselves and writing things that other academics will read and generally engaging in the worst displays of handwringing, spineless liberalism that I’ve ever seen. Let them, they’re irrelevant and the masses don’t give a shit anyways. There’s a class struggle brewing in BLM, and the petit bourgeois who disown and attack a black person who thought his life mattered will be overthrown by the masses who continue to storm the gates of heaven and wage militant struggle against the pig. Be the pig or fuck the pig, these are your options. No middle ground. What’s it gonna be?




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