Manifestations of Fuckery and Impotence in the American Left


mao angry

1.) Use access to resources to purchase influence, work for splits and divisions, promote discord, build cliques, and generally promote bourgeois relations to the detriment of the revolutionary movement and the masses as a whole.

2.) Sectarianism is a virtue. The more fragmented and fundamentally powerless groups exist, the better. Splits are not on a principled basis, they are usually because of two egos clashing or personal drama. The less political power the revolutionary movement has, the better. The less masses involved in our work, the better.

3.) Good advice given by people we personally dislike is disregarded. When our efforts fail, we play the blame strategy and absolve ourselves of all wrongdoing.

4.) We substitute our clique of friends and partners for the masses. If the masses tell us something that we don’t want to hear, regardless of correctness, we ignore it.

5.) We raise the COINTELPRO bogey to respond to valid criticisms and accusations and generate sympathy after we do things such as rape people.

6.) We complain about “identity politics” while continuing the behaviors that caused them to become prominent in the first place. We also accuse non white, nonmale and trans people of using them when they criticize us on our white chauvinist, misogynistic, and transphobic attitudes that have been internalized by virtue of living in a society that hates non white, nonmale and noncis people.

7.) We do not build actual mass ties or coalitions, we are afraid of people with differing views. We don’t want to work with or develop links with people that are different than us politically because we’re afraid of what our co-tendency comrades might think. “Cred” is more important than the development of base areas of support.

8.) Because of our own incompetence, sectarianism and inability to garner support from as many progressive minded people as possible and foster principled unity, our actions and demonstrations are impotent and weak, garnering maybe a few dozen people. We have no local support and most people think we’re odd.

9.) We are dogmatists who seek to recreate to the letter whatever foreign movement’s aesthetic we personally like, or who we think is “hardest”. Everybody who points out the uselessness of such a strategy is either a wrecker, a cop, a phony, or a “revisionist”.

10.) Everybody that criticizes us is a “wrecker”.

11.) We call others “bourgeois” despite having trust funds and wealthy parents to fall back on when we get bored of playing revolutionary, being overwhelmingly white, and attending bourgeois universities ourselves. Nevermind the fact that the correctness of a line is determined by its relevance and use to the proletariat, not who’s saying it.

12.) We opportunistically introduce ourselves into movements and struggles not to advance the revolutionary movement but to stir up trouble and use the dead bodies of black and brown and queer people to advance ourselves personally.

13.) We don’t appear in the masses’ neighborhoods unless something goes down, we don’t listen to them, and we see them as machines and warm bodies to be packed full of ideas and ideology which we just so happen to be the sole valid interpreters of.

14.) If a struggle isn’t “hard enough”, we don’t take part. When others take part and their organizations attract large numbers of the masses, we whine and complain despite allowing this to happen through our own absence. Instead of being with the people we behave as anarchists that chase police murders and riots.

15.) After all this, we either act as if everything is fine, or become disoriented and drop out of politics completely, become insular cults, or merge into revisionist parties like the RCP.


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