Edgy White “Internationalism” vs. Proletarian Internationalism

“Dear Commander Nie, Today I feel really bad. Probably I have to say farewell to you forever! Please send a letter to Tim Buck the General Secretary of Canadian Communist Party. Address is No.10, Wellington Street, Toronto, Canada. Please also make a copy for Committee on International Aid to China and Democratic Alliance of Canada, tell them, I am very happy here… Please give my Kodak Retina II camera to comrade Sha Fei. Norman Bethune, 04:20pm, November 11th, 1939.” – Last Will of Dr. Norman Bethune


Norman Bethune was a Canadian doctor and Communist sent by his party to participate in both the Spanish Civil War and the Chinese Revolution. It was in China that he contracted septicemia and died. He was a proletarian internationalist hero in the Communist spirit and his life should be studied and remembered by those who are Communists. He did what the masses and their Party commanded him to do, and he was eulogized by Mao Zedong himself. This individual example of Proletarian Internationalism, meaning the self-sacrificing spirit of the Communist when the world is ablaze, the realization that the working class all over the world are your brothers and sisters, has been displayed on a larger scale by members of the Black Panther Party and other revolutionary formations. Cuba sent thousands of doctors, for free, to wherever they needed them. That’s revolutionary internationalism. We Maoists realize that proletarian internationalism is a very specific thing with a very specific character and a very specific purpose. You don’t just grab a weapon, gallivant overseas, and kill people and call it proletarian internationalism. This definition is too loose and anarchistic, allowing all sorts of opportunists to smuggle themselves in. Those that engage in this type of thinking oftentimes haven’t investigated the situation that they seek to engage in, and don’t understand the forces at play. In that case, the ex-Marines, PissPigGranddad, and all sorts of mercenaries and opportunists can be called “proletarian internationalists”. That’s a ridiculous mockery of the Norman Bethune spirit and the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

The Kurdish struggle for self-determination. It is indeed a just one. The Kurdish nation is a long oppressed one divided among several countries in the Middle East, specifically Turkey, Syria and Iraq. When most in the West refer to the “Kurds”, they’re referring to the Syrian Kurds who fight under the guidance of the PYD-led YPG units. These are who most Westerners who go to Syria end up embedded with, alongside US Marines. The Westerners who go to Syria usually claim to want to “fight ISIS”. Yet even a cursory investigation shows that ISIS is funded and backed by US proxies in the region, and the “fighting of ISIS” has mainly been done by non-YPG forces, who have also been fighting the US backed “FSA” jihadist forces. The US isn’t in the region to “fight ISIS”, its meddling is what gave ISIS a vacuum to operate in the first place. The US is in the region to destabilize Syria, turn it into another Iraq except 10 times more bloody, and expand its foothold in the Middle East. Assad is a thorn in their side. What has the PYD done? Called for more US missile strikes on Syrian territory in an act of blatant and extreme opportunism which shows callous disregard for human life and more than “creative and tactical” engagement with US imperialism. The YPG/PYD is not using the US, it is being used. When the US can no longer use them as a club to punish rapidly fascistizing Turkey over the head, they will go the way of all other pawns of US imperialism. Their founder, Abdullah Ocalan, has renounced Marxism-Leninism and is now a follower of Murray Bookchin in prison. Call me wrong, but I don’t think Mao would be pleased.

What about the Westerners? More than a few Americans have gone to Syria and faced down ISIS. It’s the sexy thing to do among anarchists at heart that also happen to like the color red nowadays. Is it beneficial? Depends. Combat training isn’t obtained only in Rojava, but at least there’s a case for it. Perhaps some “veterans” of that conflict might prove useful in the future, but that’s to be seen. Syria isn’t the only place where brown people are killing brown people. I find it odd that those who “support Rojava” and have resources to go there have very little knowledge or willingness to support projects and struggles that can harm US imperialism (which also is supporting ISIS) at home. Nobody pays attention to initiatives launched by colonized people at home in the US, but everybody has money to go to Rojava. Are we not sexy enough or something? Sorry. Nobody seems to pay attention to things going on in Africa, in South America where Venezuela seems to be tearing itself apart, or anywhere else where a nice dose of proletarian internationalism can be used. There are places here in the US where proletarian internationalism and support can be used! Why? I have guesses. Rojava is a gateway to stardom and fame either through martyrdom or through status. You might even be on VICE! Nevermind the fact that in 5 years the experiment will most likely be solidly under the thumb of the US due to its opportunist leadership and the dynamics of the situation, goddamnit, you were there!

The white American left should focus less on self-aggrandizing adventurism and white saviorism thinly disguised as “internationalism” (the US is the world headquarters of fascism of ISIS type, there’s plenty to do here) and pay more attention to building up something that can actually materially help people across the world in a major way. It’s good you want to put your body on the line, but millions of people here don’t have to go to a warzone that the people your parents voted for made to be in danger. If you want to participate in the antifa struggle, you’re in a perfect place to do so. You’re in a perfect place to smash fascism, actually. Or you can run off to Syria to be used. Makes no difference in the long run and grand scheme of things. If you’ve got complaints or whining to do in my direction send them along with the money you were going to waste on a plane ticket, we can use it here. Reject self-aggrandizement, your purpose in life is to make revolution here, if you’re trying to “find yourself” or whatever you people call it talk to some people. Don’t be PissPig. Be Norman Bethune.


Manifestations of Fuckery and Impotence in the American Left


mao angry

1.) Use access to resources to purchase influence, work for splits and divisions, promote discord, build cliques, and generally promote bourgeois relations to the detriment of the revolutionary movement and the masses as a whole.

2.) Sectarianism is a virtue. The more fragmented and fundamentally powerless groups exist, the better. Splits are not on a principled basis, they are usually because of two egos clashing or personal drama. The less political power the revolutionary movement has, the better. The less masses involved in our work, the better.

3.) Good advice given by people we personally dislike is disregarded. When our efforts fail, we play the blame strategy and absolve ourselves of all wrongdoing.

4.) We substitute our clique of friends and partners for the masses. If the masses tell us something that we don’t want to hear, regardless of correctness, we ignore it.

5.) We raise the COINTELPRO bogey to respond to valid criticisms and accusations and generate sympathy after we do things such as rape people.

6.) We complain about “identity politics” while continuing the behaviors that caused them to become prominent in the first place. We also accuse non white, nonmale and trans people of using them when they criticize us on our white chauvinist, misogynistic, and transphobic attitudes that have been internalized by virtue of living in a society that hates non white, nonmale and noncis people.

7.) We do not build actual mass ties or coalitions, we are afraid of people with differing views. We don’t want to work with or develop links with people that are different than us politically because we’re afraid of what our co-tendency comrades might think. “Cred” is more important than the development of base areas of support.

8.) Because of our own incompetence, sectarianism and inability to garner support from as many progressive minded people as possible and foster principled unity, our actions and demonstrations are impotent and weak, garnering maybe a few dozen people. We have no local support and most people think we’re odd.

9.) We are dogmatists who seek to recreate to the letter whatever foreign movement’s aesthetic we personally like, or who we think is “hardest”. Everybody who points out the uselessness of such a strategy is either a wrecker, a cop, a phony, or a “revisionist”.

10.) Everybody that criticizes us is a “wrecker”.

11.) We call others “bourgeois” despite having trust funds and wealthy parents to fall back on when we get bored of playing revolutionary, being overwhelmingly white, and attending bourgeois universities ourselves. Nevermind the fact that the correctness of a line is determined by its relevance and use to the proletariat, not who’s saying it.

12.) We opportunistically introduce ourselves into movements and struggles not to advance the revolutionary movement but to stir up trouble and use the dead bodies of black and brown and queer people to advance ourselves personally.

13.) We don’t appear in the masses’ neighborhoods unless something goes down, we don’t listen to them, and we see them as machines and warm bodies to be packed full of ideas and ideology which we just so happen to be the sole valid interpreters of.

14.) If a struggle isn’t “hard enough”, we don’t take part. When others take part and their organizations attract large numbers of the masses, we whine and complain despite allowing this to happen through our own absence. Instead of being with the people we behave as anarchists that chase police murders and riots.

15.) After all this, we either act as if everything is fine, or become disoriented and drop out of politics completely, become insular cults, or merge into revisionist parties like the RCP.

If the People Don’t Trust You, they Gon’ Shoot You: AKA Why You Should Make Friends and Influence People





The job of a Communist is to swim among the people like the fish in water. Not walk on water, swim. The people are our life, our reason for existing, our bastion of iron and steel. If you cannot gain the support of the masses in oppressed communities, you will not make revolution. How is support gained? You can’t just barge your way in, especially if you’re white and from a college campus. Believe it or not, these communities already have established institutions. Churches, groups like the Hebrew Israelites and the Nation of Islam. Gangs. White college kids aren’t just going to barge their way in and take over shit. Maoists should develop ties and links, contacts, in a community in which they want to begin operations. Even if you don’t live there, you need people that do live there on your team to introduce you to people and vouch for you. Once you have the trust of people in the community who are known for various reasons, you will get to know more and more people and people will open up to you.

Many Communists make the mistake of sequestering themselves in libraries and among their own clique or circle of friends, using them as a sort of stand in for the masses. Then they are confused and disoriented when their actions, meetings and other things fall flat or do not garner enough people to make any difference in a situation. If people don’t give a shit about what you’re talking about, or if they don’t know you, or if you’re too couched in theoretical jargon, they’re not going to risk life and limb to go to your demonstrations, they’re not going to attend your meetings, they’re not going to fuck with anything you do. Approach people where they are. Don’t condescend to them, but don’t talk over their heads in a boss-like tone either. If you’re white and in a black neighborhood, be humble and listen to people. If you’re working in an area and nobody from said area joins your organization, you have a problem. Either they don’t trust you or they don’t see your method of organizing as being appropriate to the needs of their community. Either way, the fault is yours. In Saint Louis we have had people open up their homes, schools, and churches to us, express solidarity with us, and ask us how to get involved. We have developed a network of contacts among various political groups and in neighborhoods that we can call upon for a myriad of things. This was built through patient base building, uniting with people on issues of importance to the community, attending events and making inroads among the people. I go to everything that I can, I recruit everywhere I can, I make it a point to talk to at least 20 new people a day. If you are in an organization, 10 or 20 people need to know about it per day. What can you do for the people. What is your organization’s line and take on various issues? What have you done in the past? I carry literature with me from my orgs at all times. The building of a base area can not be done without the conscious and thorough involvement of the masses. Mass organizations must be living organizations with a truly mass character that serve the people, are constantly growing, building new things, and helping people. If your interpretation of theory forbids you or obstructs you from helping people, there’s something wrong with it, and you, and you will not be a successful organizer? Don’t believe me? Shut yourself up among your crew of 5 people, gabber about theoretical minutiae, avoid everything the people do or other orgs do because they don’t conform to your own little dogmatic-sectarian interpretation of things, get a bad rep for yourself in town, and see where you are in 6 months. Quit being a damn nerd and make some friends.

Brief answers to 4 questions that I constantly receive.



1.) Why are you a Maoist? Why not a Trotskyist, or an anarchist, or a “Marxist-Leninist”? What attracted you to Maoism?

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was heavily inspired by the Chinese Revolution (particularly the Cultural Revolution, to which they were contemporary). The BPP was the most advanced formation for liberation to ever exist in the United States. Also, looking at the revolutions that are taking place today guided by Maoism, they are all taking place in nonwhite, non-Western countries. Turkey. The Philippines. India. Nepal. Maoism itself was synthesized by Peruvians. Simply put, the non-white aspect and the fact that these revolutions are taking place in countries on the global periphery that are oppressed by US/EU imperialism are a big draw, because I come from a people (New Afrikans) that are prisoners in this prison called the US.


Theoretically, Maoism is a synthesis of almost 200 years of scientific class struggle and the teaching that the proletariat has obtained from these struggles, beginning with Marx’ and Engels’ works, the First International in which they participated, the Paris Commune of 1871, continuing through Lenin’s struggle with the Second International and its original revisionists and the triumph of the Bolshevik Revolution, Stalin’s struggle against the Left (Trotsky) and Right (Bukharin) Oppositions, the Comintern period, the socialist construction in the USSR, the work on the national question during this period, the struggle against fascism led by the USSR under the guidance of Stalin, the Chinese Revolution and subsequent socialist construction, the struggle waged by Mao Zedong against modern revisionism represented by Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and the revisionists in the Warsaw Pact, the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and the myriad of other struggles that were going on during this time. Essentially, it’s a full and rich theoretical and practical package, consistently under development, never stagnant, never dogmatic, always clear and sober. It’s the tool we need for the tasks we face. Anarchism, Trotskyism, and M-L revisionism cannot offer this. To deny it is to deny revolution. Who else recognizes the three weapons we need (the Party, the United Front, and the People’s Army)? Who else recognizes the universal applicability of People’s War? Who else has been fighting for 40 years in the Philippines and has never surrendered or given up? Thought so.

2.) Can a revolution be nonviolent?

Sure. If the bourgeoisie are willing, somehow and for some reason, to nonviolently give up state power, liquidate themselves as a class and force, and surrender to the proletariat without us firing a single shot, there can certainly be a peaceful revolution, or a peaceful surrender of power from one class to another. Since this flies in the face of all that dialectical and historical materialism teaches us about class struggle and the bourgeoisie, and the imperialists, I’d recommend that activists and those who want to change the world divest themselves of this trifling notion, the sooner the better. Violence is a tool, it has a class nature. Our violence is good, because it is liberatory. Without violence, we cannot be liberated. All these theoretical think-pieces about whether or not it is okay to punch a fascist vomited out of the ivory tower miss this key point. Not only is it okay to punch fascists, it is okay and necessary to form a people’s army which can knock them the fuck out.

3.) What is the biggest obstacle to a “United Left”?

Why should we want a United Left? All this orientation towards this and that sect, or clique, or band of revisionists or renegades calling themselves “parties” is foolish. We are Maoists, we orient towards the masses. We use the mass line method of leadership. Our orientations and lines come from what is objectively the best way to advance the revolution, not from what other so-called leftists want. If non-Maoists would like to work with us on things that are of revolutionary importance, by all means, welcome to the struggle. If you want us to wash out our revolutionary theory and practice and subsume ourselves into whatever reformist, revisionist, or foolish thing you’ve cooked up for your own self-aggrandizement, we will reject it. Call it sectarian, call it unprincipled, we have our principles and we have our class stand. Sectarianism is refusing to work with someone in any capacity because they are such and such a tendency, that’s wrong, of course, and no real Maoists behave that way. In our local work in Saint Louis, we’ve worked with anarchists and Trotskyists, and have built decent working relationships with both groups. This is for the benefit of the masses and the revolutionary movement. We never, however, hide the fact that we are Maoist Communists. We’ve also never subsumed ourselves or washed out our revolutionary principles, and we don’t tail. We don’t turn into Trots. We turn Trots into Maoists.

4.) How can we fight fascism?

Armed self-defense. If you can’t afford a gun, get a machete. People’s militia units in China used sticks and spears. Get several and distribute them to cadre. Concealed or open carry depends upon your concrete conditions, if it’d be beneficial to open carry, by all means, do it. If you’re at a demo and it would be better for people to not know you have a gun, conceal carry. It’s legal, use it. The Panthers and their creative use of bourgeois gun laws helped attract people to them. They marched into the California state capitol building with rifles. If you don’t fuck with self-defense, you don’t fuck with revolution. More so, if you don’t support self-defense, how the fuck are you going to go on the offense? We build for revolution now, every day. Where does power come from? Study unarmed and armed self-defense tactics and strategies. If you’ve got people in your group who know combat tactics, have them teach. Study the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of fascism, so that you know where the enemy is coming from and what they want to do. Organize in your community and build up a mass base. Go into churches, schools, and community centers. Even bars. This is part of how the Panthers built their base. Without a mass base, you have nothing.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile: Two More Snatched by Thirsty Pigs

Make trouble, fail, make trouble again, fail again . . . until their doom- that is the logic of the imperialists and all reactionaries the world over in dealing with the people’s cause and they will never go against this logic. This is a Marxist law. When we say “imperialism is ferocious”, we mean that its nature will never change, that the imperialists will never lay down their butcher knives, that they will never become Buddhas, till their doom. Fight, fail, fight again, fail again, fight again . . . until their victory; that is the logic of the people, and they too will never go against this logic. This is another Marxist law. – Mao Zedong, “Cast Away Illusions, Prepare for Struggle”


America has an insatiable appetite for the blood of the people. It bombs weddings in Yemen, it dragged hundreds of thousands of Africans here to build it, it ethnically cleaned the indigenous people, eradicating or viciously subduing entire tribes and nations of people. It’s made coups, enslaved or driven into peonage and penury hundreds of millions of people. The direct and indirect blood debt of America is undoubtedly in the tens of trillions, and the list of every one of its individual victims, if written on a single piece of paper, would twist and wrap around the world a thousand times.. Such is the nature of capitalism-imperialism and settler colonialism. This week, it claimed two more. Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The first, killed on July 5th in front of a convenience store in Baton Rouge while selling CDs to feed his family. Apparently, he had a record of sexual abuse in the past, and this has led many comrades who are survivors of such crimes to refuse to struggle in his name. This is their right. Those who have not been through such have no right to demand or order those who have experienced this type of abuse to subject themselves to struggle in the memory of someone who may have been an abuser.  No buts or debates with those who refuse. Sterling, in the broader scheme of things, was not killed for his past anti-people activity, however, he was killed by an institution and a state that is in a state of antagonistic contradiction with the toiling masses of people and with the nations of oppressed people that it has captured and imprisoned. He was brutally murdered on the ground by the Baton Rouge pig-police officers (overseers) Blaine Salamoni and Howie Lake II while selling CDs to feed his family. He was 37 years old. This activity, selling mixtapes, is reproduced countless thousands of times by people who live in ghettoes and barrios across the country and world, and is part of the fabric of social, cultural and economic life of the New Afrikan masses in this country. Capitalism drives us to take up many diverse activities to survive, whether it be doing hair or tatto0s, selling CDs, or fixing cars. No bourgeois training or certificates needed, this is learned through practice. The masses have unlimited and boundless creativity. The police use their pig powers against loitering, etc. to suppress and oppress the masses in the process of making their living.

Candid Selfies.

Castile was killed on July 6th, a day after Sterling, in front of his girlfriend (who recorded the whole thing, which I will not share here) for a broken taillight in Falcon Heights, Michigan, He notified the pig that pulled him over that he was a concealed carry firearm owner, and went to reach for his ID. The pig proceeded to shoot him 4 times, and he died at the hospital. He was 32 years old, a week and a half before his 33rd birthday. Castile was a well loved and remembered supervisor at a local school and was a role model for those youth who came in contact with him. Even the bourgeois pig governor of Minnesota admitted that he would not have been killed if he were white. Two lives were taken, a day apart from each other, for simply being black. This is nothing new, and will continue to happen.

The pigs have power over us, material power, and the only antidote, history shows us, to pig power is people’s power, Communist power. Even then, incorrectly and toothlessly displayed people’s power operating within the ideological and structural confines of the bourgeois system can not combat and defeat armed pig power with a state behind it. Darren Wilson and the police apparatus of Saint Louis were objects of vigorous, nonviolent struggle for months after he murdered Michael Brown, Jr. on August 9th, 2014. I and thousands of others marched and organized and planned and showed our displeasure and yelled about how our lives matter until our feet and voices were tired, and Wilson still got off, and the material situation in North County still hasn’t changed. The police are the most visible representatives of the bourgeois state in the United States. We see them every day, they harass, fine, steal from, beat, and kill us. A state is simply an instrument, backed by violence, for exerting the rule of one class over another, and over the oppressed nationalities within its borders. The United States is an instrument to dominate and oppress the working class and the captive Chicano/Latinx and New Afrikan nations. It cannot be reformed, it must be destroyed. When two classes struggle and are locked in a combat to the death, this is an antagonistic contradiction. An antagonistic contradiction is resolved only through the destruction and subduing of one or another of the elements, or sides, of the contradiction.

Build people’s power institutions, offer self defense training, copwatch programs, and neighborhood/community conflict resolution teams. The cops have no business or purpose in ghettoes and barrios, and when they come, somebody goes to jail or gets shot. Build revolutionary mass organizations, tenant unions, women’s unions. Study examples of these from the past and present, look at what comrades across the world are doing and  learn from and adapt them to your situation. Investigate the needs of our people and figure out how we can meet them ourselves. Thieves, robbers, rapists, and other parasitic individuals will continue to exist and plague the masses, and there’s nothing saying that they can’t be dealt with ourselves. People call the police because they think they can solve their problems. To get people to stop calling the police, build effective and active institutions in the community to negate the necessity of having alien elements invade our communities and harass our people. Activists and “woke” people: Stop channeling the energy of the masses into pointless exercises and displays of street theater. Stop calling the cops to protests. Stop calling the cops to demonstrations. Stop calling the cops to actions. Stop calling the cops, period. The nice cop is still a cop. The police are one hundred percent enemies. They have nothing to offer, they won’t listen, they won’t and can’t help. Their function is to arrest and kill us, and protect the wealth and hegemony of the class that this State serves. Stop forcing your nonviolence and academic constructions and concoctions on the masses. Stop running for office and using the struggle to build up your campaign and your resume. Listen more, learn more talk less. Realize that on the police question and on the question of building people’s power, the masses are far ahead of you. The masses want and must have power. They don’t want to roll around in the street and play dead. A demonstration is useful as a show of strength and a threat, showing the full force and militancy of the people. It’s not an opportunity to get on television or push your own opportunistic ends, the masses should be the focus. After all, they’re the ones that will resolve this shit once and for all.


Muhammad Ali: Not for Pig Consumption


Twin banes of white supremacy.

During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred, and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander. After their deaths, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow their names, to a certain extent, for the ‘consolation’ of the oppressed classes. Lenin – The State and Revolution

Muhammad Ali, in the prime of his life, was a despised man as far as the United States was concerned. He aroused the ire of the white supremacist system when he dared to convert to the Nation of Islam, joining officially in 1964 and changing his name from Cassius Clay to that by which he was known for the majority of his life. He had been attending Nation of Islam meetings for much longer, beginning in 1961, and was frequently in the company of Malcolm X. When he officially changed his name, only a few commentators honored his right to do so, the overwhelming majority continued to call him by his dead slave name. In the mid 1960s, joining the Nation of Islam was, fundamentally, a revolutionary, anti-American act. Of course, the organization was rife with issues from the start, being founded by a traveling rug salesman of dubious background who began propagating a bizarre theology that claimed that the Earth was trillions of years old, that Europeans were literally descended from the products of a science experiment gone wrong, and that Africans were the true founders of civilizations in China, Japan, and the Americas. Of course, this type of thing objectively isn’t any more bizarre than some of the things that the Mormons believe. Elijah Muhammad was also eventually outed as a hypocrite, having children and sexual liaisons with several of his secretaries, a direct contradiction to the standards of conduct for NoI members. Issues and all, this organization was, to the broad masses of black people in cities such as New York City, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles, one that gave them a sense of cultural pride and helped give voice to and express the deepest feelings that come from centuries of oppression and exploitation. The Nation of Islam acquired its prestige mainly through the presence of the revolutionary and ever so brilliantly blunt Malcolm X, who inspired millions of black people, including the soon to be founders of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (who worked as a security detail for widow Betty Shabazz when she visited San Francisco), to take militant action and work actively against and struggle against the United States, first at home and, as the US imperialist project in Southeast Asia heated up, abroad as well. Millions of black people realized that the enemy was at home, not abroad. One of these millions was Ali.


Ali and Malcolm among the people

“You headin’ for jail. You headin’ straight for jail.” I turn and an old white woman is standing behind me, waving a miniature American flag. “You goin’ straight to jail. You ain’t no champ no more. You ain’t never gonna be champ no more. You get down on your knees and beg forgiveness from God!” she shouts in a raspy tone…”My son’s in Viet Nam, and you no better’n he is. He’s there fightin’ and you here safe. I hope you rot in jail. I hope they throw away the key.” – Muhammad Ali, The Greatest

Muhammad Ali was called to put his black body and soul on the line in the pig war in Vietnam in 1967 (having filed conscientious status the previous year), and on April 28th of that year, refused 3 times to step forward when his name was called at the induction center. He was warned that he was committing a felony punishable by a harsh prison sentence and fine, yet still refused to go. That day saw him stripped of his title and banned from the ring. Death threats poured in, and the ire that had been simmering exploded into full blown rage. He refused to fight in the war not because he was selfishly afraid of death, but because, in his own words,

“My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people or some poor, hungry people in the mud, for big, powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger. They never lynched me. They didn’t put no dogs on me. They didn’t rob me of my nationality, and rape and kill my mother and father. Why would I want to—shoot them for what? I got to go shoot them, those little poor little black people, little babies and children, women; how can I shoot them poor people? Just take me to jail.”

This was not a selfish act, it was an anti-imperialist act. Ali united with the people of Vietnam in their heroic struggle for national liberation, reunification of their country, and the expulsion of the American imperialists and their corrupt South Vietnamese running dogs from the country. He went further, expressing his intention to go to prison for his refusal to kill those who were waging a righteous struggle. To this day, he has great prestige and standing among the people of Vietnam. He appealed the pigs’ decisions and struggled for his right to make his living and eventually won in 1971, and continued to put forth anti-imperialist positions and popularize them with his celebrity and his prestige among the masses of black people. He visited Palestinian refugee camps and pledged support to the liberation struggle against the Zionists. He visited several countries in Africa, claiming them as his true home and denouncing and cursing the United States. All in all, Ali told the US to go fuck itself in various ways. He was the people, not the pig. His stand inspired thousands of others to stay right here in the US and struggle from within all throughout the 1960s. He didn’t go to the pig war, and he didn’t flee to Canada like the wealthy petty-bourgeois LSD and peyote mushroom crowd did out of selfishness. Not wanting to fight in a war doesn’t necessarily mean anti-imperialism or correct politics, this was confirmed by the New York Draft Riots of 1863.

The devout Muslim and servant of the people

When Ali died Friday, the bourgeois media, politicians, and other such hacks spun into overdrive, claiming him for the USA. Donald Trump claimed him, Chris Hayes and his ilk started yammering about how Ali “transcended race”, whatever the hell that means, and warlord Obama, the man who kills Ali’s brothers and sisters in faith the world over, praised him. This is par for the course, but this recuperation, frankly, isn’t working, at least not in the minds of the masses of people of the whole world. The Vietnamese still love him. Unlike Martin Luther King, who was in life despised and relentlessly psychologically tortured by the FBI, but played by the LBJ era White House as a sort of “lesser evil” compared to people like Malcolm X and Huey Newton, Ali was a brash, bold, resolutely and firmly anti-American figure. He wasn’t a Baptist pastor, didn’t have a college degree, never mind a PhD, and was willing to go to jail for telling America to fuck itself and hoping the Vietcong won the war. He wasn’t a man of peace, he beat people up for a living. He didn’t transcend race, he went to Africa and claimed it as his own and threw in his lot with the struggling black and brown masses of the whole world. He wasn’t a “good American”, he spent several years as a member of an organization that wished for the demise of America. He insulted and demeaned America’s allies and embraced and was warmly received by its enemies. Ali didn’t eat pigs in life, and pigs won’t eat him in death. That’s how he would have wanted it. He wrote this poem for his brothers dead in the 1971 Attica Prison uprising, and this is how he is best remembered.

Better than with prayers and pleas
Or in the clutch of some disease
Wasting slowly by degrees

Better than of heart attack
Or some dose of drug I lack
Let me die by being Black

Better far that I should go
Standing here against the foe
Is the sweeter death to know

Better than the bloody stain
On some highway where I’m lain
Torn by flying glass and pane

Better calling death to come
Than to die another dumb
Muted victim in the slum

Better than of this prison rot
If there’s any choice I’ve got
Kill me here on the spot

Better far my fight to wage
Now while my blood boils with rage
Lest it cool with ancient age

Better vowing for us to die
Than to Uncle Tom and try
Making peace just to live a lie

White Man Cry a Lot: A Brief Glimpse into White Tears and Settler Fragility

The fuck are you crying for?

White reactionaries whine. A lot. For a group of people that pride themselves on their supposed ability to weather any storm, defeat any enemy, and defend resolutely the nonsensical and metaphysical concepts on which their settler colonial paper tiger of a so-called nation rests, these Amerian fascists (yes, Trots and LeftComs, there is a such thing as American fascism, your books and analyses don’t really matter) are, objectively, some of the most cowardly and knee-jerkingly fragile pieces of human refuse on the face of the Earth. Settlers behave this way all over the world, it’s not just restricted to the US. The Boers/Afrikaners (descendants of French, Dutch, and German settlers of South Africa and beneficiaries of the defunct Apartheid state) are known worldwide as some of the biggest and whiniest dicks to ever plague mankind, relegating themselves nowadays to little plots of boring ass apartheid heaven,  or to being a menace to fellow settler-colonists in New Zealand or Australia. They like complaining about how they’re being wiped off the face of the Earth as well, a common phony attention getter used by settlers throughout history. The Israeli settlers constantly kvetch in the news media or on the internet about how getting a few tiles knocked off their houses by a higher grade equivalent of a bottle rocket warrants unjust retaliation against Palestinians with jets, and two of their American representatives at my university claimed that I was a threat to their safety and well being for annoying them by mentioning the accursed Palestinian unpersons at one of their little propaganda events. Tough people, indeed!




White American settler-colonists are sensitive people. They’re also very fearful people. They live surrounded by those whose land they have stolen, who they have murdered in the millions, whose homes they have plowed under for parking lots and shopping malls and leafy suburbs, who they gentrify, whose families they destroy and incarcerate. They don’t know much history of those they hate, they see themselves as some sort of chosen people and the internally oppressed nations as life unworthy only of enslavement, incarceration, and repression. They view themselves as a sort of people with their backs against the wall, living each and every day in a sort of perpetual Custer’s Last Stand. They love and strive for success under capitalism, thoroughly throwing themselves on the alter of worship of and, oftentimes, participation in the exploitation of other people, support imperialist wars, and support even more every instance of domestic repression. I’ve been to anti-police brutality rallies where people have shown up just to shout about how they support the police. Darren Wilson, a pig (who, technically, shouldn’t have been working as a pig in the first place), armed with a taser, baton, and firearm, claimed to have felt threatened by an 18 year old, warranting his shooting.  The Million Student March action that the mass organization that I belong to ran into reactionaries coming back from a Cardinals game (the only reason white settlers that live in Chesterfield or Ballwin or Saint Charles come to the city, most of the time) who berated and tried to instruct us on the virtues of a job. This was especially hilarious because Progressive Youth Organization – Saint Louis has more workers than students, and most of the students work as well. No investigation, speak anyway, especially when it’s getting dark and you have to get back to Chesterfield before the dark people come out. The counter-action at the Donald Trump rally in Saint Louis in March was intermingled with all sorts of reactionaries wearing shirts that said “Make America Great Again” and one individual even had on a #Meninist shirt. They especially flew into a rage when they saw a comrade standing on their American rag, with a couple even trying to fight him. I wonder what they’ll do when it’s being dragged through the streets by the victorious people’s army and relegated to the dustbin of history or to a museum, where it belongs.


There’ll be more than just standing on it, eventually.

Those who have made a bed of nails generally don’t sleep well, and America is nothing but a bed made of rusty nails sitting on a foundation of broken glass. The glass has been shifting recently, and things have sharpened. The reactionary is usually afraid to show their true colors and whine in public, alone, so they start their own blogs like Stuff Black People Don’t Like and frequent sites like Stormfront. First, it’s fairly telling that an individual (Paul Kersey) that supposedly represents the “master race” titles his blog and orients to stuff that the supposed lower order of humanity “don’t like”. Why would you care what I don’t like? Scrolling through the content of this blog shows titles such as “When White People Were in Political Control of Selma, the ‘Selma Ceasefire Movement’ Wasn’t Necessary…” . Deigning to read this particular article shows the depths and depravity of pig Kersey’s revanchism, or retaliation against the decline of the Jim Crow era South, at least in de jure form. Kersey says:

In the real world, those white police who dared stand athwart history on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and try and beat back Martin Luther King and his freedom marchers are the true heroes: every moment after their stand provides proof that their defiance of modernity was justified.

The white police are the heroes! Support the police! The Negroes should have been ground into powder with merciless force! Now look where we are! When we…this rant and the others on the SBPDL blog can easily have come from the tobacco stained fingers of a Boer in Orania, or a white Rhodesian, or an Israeli in Tel Aviv. They’re going to do what they’re going to do, they want their country back, all reactionaries put up resistance and wage a fight, sure. But, the most atrocious behavior undoubtedly belongs to the so-called leftists who seek to disarm and disorient the masses in this struggle against this type of behavior by enforcing pacifism or in many cases parroting the lines laid down by these white reactionaries in the first place, pleading public order and maintenance of civil society. If Paul Kersey, Selma in 1940, and Orania are civil society, burn them all. Let 20 million Mexicans reclaim their land, let a million riots bloom, let the white tears flow. Y’all need some drama in your lives, we have plenty to share.