“We can learn what we did not know. We are not only good at destroying the Old World, we are also good at building the new.” – Mao Zedong, Report to the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

We live in interesting times. The Black liberatory struggle in the United States has sharpened in major part due to the situation that began in my city, Saint Louis, in August, 2014 with the murder of Michael Brown by the pig Darren Wilson, and the subsequent militant struggle waged in the North County city of Ferguson. This was followed by a large uprising in Baltimore after the murder of Freddy Gray. The contradictions between the people and the pig are heating up. Students, workers, the unemployed, immigrants, LGBTQI* people, women and non-men, all are taking to the streets. The farcical Presidential election cycle has come, and there is a veritable fascist with an orange wig and a billion or two dollars running, and winning. The masses of people aren’t afraid to say socialism again, even though the individual running as such (revolutionaries wage revolutionary war, not campaigns) in 2016 was a social democrat. We stand at a critical moment. We stand in the era of late capitalism, decadent, weak, and dying. The leaders of the “movements” we have, reliant on chasing riots, begging politicians, becoming politicians, taking money from politicians, worthless Twitter polemics (with each other), liberalism, redbaiting, and overall roguish nastiness that belie their roots firmly in the petit-bourgeois and bourgeois classes, and who ultimately end up recuperated into and serving the system that is devouring our lives and our planet, will not fundamentally transform the world. The masses of people will.

How? By understanding, analyzing, and striving to understand the fundamental underpinnings and basis of capitalist society and what grows out of it, forming criticisms, and building people’s power to overthrow it. By actively working towards revolution, by studying Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and putting it into practice, and by and discarding mysticism, identity politics, liberalism and other illusions that hurt, rather than help the goal of emancipating humanity from the shackles, literal and figurative, that have been placed on those of us who work, who study, and who carry the world on their shoulders. This blog is for you.